Highway Management System in Spain


Project Introduction

Autobahns, Highways, Freeways, Motorways— whatever we call them, are the main road arteries that are the lifeblood and link between our major cities. Modern highways improve business opportunities and reduce travel times, getting people and products from A to B quickly and easily. Highways reduce congestion and take the pressure off smaller roads and town centers that might get overwhelmed with traffic and pollution. Public or privately funded highways with toll gates help recuperate the cost of road construction and maintenance and are the preferred model for many governments to fund otherwise expensive road construction and gain tax revenue forthe country as a whole.

System Requirements

We all want or need the latest modern equipment to do our jobs or show off to our friends and highway toll systems are no different. As technology improves highway agencies realize that they can gather the information more effectively if they are using the most flexible up to date equipment. With this in mind our client won a contract to replace the old technology of the Spanish highway’s management system with the latest information. Their requirements were that they needed machines that would operate in rugged remote environments where human contact may not be available. Since the roads travail high locations it was essential that the devices could operate in a wide range of temperatures. Video CCTV cameras are used at the toll booths and high speed CPU’s are necessary to process the video images quickly. To connect with legacy equipment our client needed a large number of digital input and output ports and a PCI slot.

System Description

A Spanish channel partner called New Data Real Time S.A. won the tender to develop a system in Spain. New Data Real Time are very active in this area and decided to partner with Advantech who provided their UNO-2483G with PCM-27D24DI devices. The UNO-2483G is a fanless highly ruggedized Embedded Automation Computer with a choice of embedded operating system (Windows CE, Windows XPE, Linux-Embedded). With the latest 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i3/Celeron Processors with speeds of up to 1.9GHz and 4 to 8GB of DDR3L Memory, these machines had the necessary power to perform all required tasks. For necessary connectivity to the highway’s infrastructure the UNO-2483G includes a wide array of IO ports including: 4 x GbE, 4 x USB 2.0/3.0, 2 x RS-232, 2 x RS-422/485, 1 x VGA, 1 x HDMI and Audio. It alsoincludes iDoor technology which is why the client chose to install the PCM-27D24DI. The PCM-27D24DI is a 24-Channel Isolated Digital I/O with counter mPCIe and DB37 port. The performance model shortened development time and offered multiple networking interfaces to fulfill a diverse range of requirements.

System diagram


Project Implementation:

UNO-2483G Intel® Core™ i7/i3/Celeron Regular-Size Automation Computer with 4 x GbE, 2 x mPCIe, HDMI/VGA
PCM-27D24DI 24-Channels Isolated Digital I/O with Counter mPCIe, DB37


Advantech’s products were chosen since they met the customer’s requirements and provided the level of reliability necessary for harshhighway environments where maintenance staff can’t necessarily get too quickly. The combination of unbeatable specifications and a great price meant that Advantech’s client won the contract on the merit of the products.