Advantech’s Network Switches Ensure Always-On Connectivity for Vietnam’s ETC System

Industry Application: Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)
Location: Vietnam
Project Introduction
The Vietnamese government is planning to implement an ETC system at all of the country’s toll booths to end delays and cut costs. Currently, the system is in effect at some booths on Expressways 1 and 14.   An Ethernet network will be deployed at each toll collection station, with stations connected via a fiber network.
System Requirements
As part of the government’s infrastructure plans for road transportation, the planned ETC system will require high-quality and reliable industrial switches at each station in order to handle the aggregation and management of data flows from IP devices such as cameras and controllers at the station.
An important requirement of the project was that the network connectivity along the national highways had to remain alive and connected at all times, even in the event of switch failure.
Furthermore, the system integrator of this project was looking for a reliable switch vendor that could provide excellent technical training and materials to shorten the learning curve of hired personnel.
Project Implementation
  • EKI-7710E-2CI: DIN-rail managed layer-2 switch with two Gigabit combo uplinks and LAN bypass
System Diagram
System Description
  • At each toll collection station, all IP devices are connected to an EKI-7710E-2CI via an Ethernet interface
  • Two Ethernet-fiber media converters are connected to each of the EKI-7710E-2CI switches’ uplink ports, thereby extending the distance for fiber connectivity, and all stations are connected via fiber
  • The built-in LAN bypass feature in EKI-7710E-2CI switches can automatically bridge data transmission from IP devices to media converters in the event of switch failure, thus guaranteeing 100% network connectivity at all times
Benefits & Advantages 
  • The built-in LAN bypass feature ensures 100%, always-on network connectivity, thus fulfilling the most crucial requirement of this project
  • The user-friendly GUI helps shorten the learning curve for the system integrator
  • The switch uses SNMP, which is compatible with the customer’s current toll management system
  • The switch’s VLAN feature can separate Ethernet traffic from camera and the controller data, thus facilitating network traffic management
Thus, with the strong product features of Advantech’s switches, the system integrator was able to successfully provide a viable solution that meets all of the essential requirements of Vietnam’s ETC system.