USB to Serial Converter ADAM-4561

1-port Isolated USB to RS-232/422/485 Converter
  • Full compliance with USB V1.1 specifications
  • RS-232/422/485 port supported
  • Transmission speed up to 115.2 kbps
  • Isolation protection 3000 VDC provided
  • Automatic RS-485 data flow control
  • No external power supply necessary; the hub derives its power from the USB port
  • Plug & Play installation
  • No additional IRQs or I/O ports required
  • Hot swap function supported
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ADAM-4561/4562 allows PC users to connect a serial device to a system that use a USB interface. To attach the ADAM-4561/4562 to a PC, you don’t need to open the chassis or power down your PC. Instantly get one or two extra high-speed RS-232/422/485 ports. The power is derived from the USB port, so there are no power adapters to deal with. Thismakes the ADAM-4561/4562 especially suitable for modems, printers, POS systems and industrial control devices.

ADAM-4561/4562 merupakan perangkat yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk dapat menghubungkan perangkat serial pada komputer ke sistem yang menggunakan media USB port. Untuk memasang ADAM-4561/4562 ke PC sangatlah mudah, Anda tidak perlu membuka chassis atau mematikan komputer. karena sudah plug and play sehingga langsung dapat digunakan. Segera dapatkan satu atau dua port RS-232/422/485 industrial converter dengan ekstra kecepatan tinggi. Tidak perlu Adaptor karena daya berasal dari port USB, sehingga tidak mmebutuhkan adaptor. Ini membuat ADAM-4561/4562 sangat sesuai untuk modem, printer, sistem POS dan perangkat kontrol industri.


Part Number ADAM-4561-CE
Display Interface USB 2.0
LED Indicators Comm
General Temperature (Operating) -10~70 °C (14~158 °F)
Humidity 5~95 %RH
Temperature (Storage) -25~85 °C (-13~185 °F)
Interface USB to RS-232/422/485
Isolation Protection 2,500 VDC
Communication Speed Serial: From 75 to 115.2 k
Comm. Distance Serial: 1.2 km USB: 5 m
Data Flow Control Yes
Connector USB RS-232/422/485: plug-in screw terminal