GX1-300 Fanless Box PC with 2 x CAN, LAN, USB, RS-232, 8xIsolated DI/O, 2 x AI
  • On-board GX1-300 MHz, 64/128 MB SDRAM
  • Provides two CAN interfaces
  • Provides one 10/100Base-T RJ-45 port and one USB port
  • Isolated 8-channel DI/O and 2-channel AI
  • One programmable diagnostic LED and buzzer.
  • Supports Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP devices.
  • Supports ADAM series for remote data acquisition and control
  • Windows® CE .NET ready solution
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The Advantech UNO-2052 is a 586-grade platform that offers dual CAN 2.0B interfaces, digital I/O and thermocouple input functions. Combined with CAN 2.0B interfaces, the UNO-2052 is an ideal solution for automobile and logistics applications. UNO-2052 comes with a built-in Windows® CE solution offering a pre-configured image with optimized onboard device drivers. Microsoft Windows® CE is a compact, highly efficient, real-time operating system designed for embedded systems without mechanical HDD limitations. To expand storage capability, the UNO-2052 allows the addition of an external 2.5″ HDD using Advantech’s UNO HDD extension kit. It can be used for large data backup requirements and popular OS installations such as Microsoft Windows and Linux OS. Significant anti-vibration is maintained even with the mechanical HDD inside.