250 kS/s, 16-bit, 8-ch, Simultaneous Sampling Multi-function PCI Express DAQ Card
  • 8 differential simultaneous sampling analog inputs, up to 250 kS/s, 16-bit resolution
  • 2 analog outputs, up to 3 MS/s, 16-bit resolution
  • Full auto-calibration
  • 2 analog triggers and 2 digital triggers for AI/O
  • 32 programmable DI/Os with interrupt functions
  • Four 32-bit programmable counters/ timers/ encoders
  • Board ID switch
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 10, 8 and 7
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The PCIE-1812 is a simultaneous-sampling multifunction DAQ card to meet a wide range of application requirements. The devices can simultaneously sample 8 AI channels with differential input configuration in order to achieve maximum noise elimination. It also provide 2-CH 16-bit analog outputs and with waveform generation capability, which can be performed together with analog input functions.