4-axis Quadrature Encoder and 4-ch Counter Universal PCI Card with 8-ch Isolated Digital I/O
  • Four 32-bit up/down counters
  • Single ended or differential inputs
  • Pulse/direction and up/down counter
  • x1, x2, x4 counts for each encoder cycle
  • Optically isolated up to 2,500 VDC
  • 4-stage digital filter with selectable sampling rate
  • On-board 8-bit timer with wide range time-base selector
  • Multiple interrupt sources for precision application
  • 4 isolated digital input
  • 4 isolated digital output
  • BoardID™ switch
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PCI-1784U is a 4-axis quadrature encoder and counter add-on card for PCI bus. The card includes four 32-bit quadruple AB phase encoder counters, 8-bit timer with multi range