16-bit, 8-ch Analog Output PCI Card with 16-ch Digital I/O
  • Auto calibration function
  • A 16-bit DAC is equipped for each analog output channel
  • Synchronized output function
  • Output values retained after system hot reset
  • 2-port (16-channel) user-defined digital input/output
  • BoardID™ switch
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PCI-1723 is a non-isolated multiple channel analog output card for the PCI bus, and each analog output channel is equipped with a 16-bit, double-buffered DAC. It also features an auto-calibration function and a BoardID. switch. The PCI-1723 is an ideal solution for industrial applications where multiple analog output channels are required.


Part Number PCI-1723-AE
Analog Input Bipolar Inputs (V)
Sampling Rate
Unipolar Input (v)
Analog Output Channels 8
Output Ranges (V) -10 ~ 10,
0 ~ 20 mA,
4 ~ 20 mA
Resolution 16 bits
Throughput Static update
General Bus PCI