HMI Development Kit based on Visual Studio
  • Easy connection with ADAM I/O series
  • Simply Drag and Drop the Components
  • Less Coding and Reduce Loading
  • Easy to Developing GUI
  • Provide Several Components for Communication
  • Supports DAQ components and classes
  • Multiple graphic controls
  • Support Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, ADAM Protocol, and ADAM-5000 Local IO Modules
  • Supports WinCE-based devices, including UNO, TPC and ADAM series products
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The LogixView is the latest software package for developing the graphic user interface for monitoring and controlling Advantech eAutomation products on WindowsCE based devices. This package is based on Microsoft .NET technology, and used in Visual Studio 2005 environment. The previous solution for Advantech .NET solution is the Adam.NET class library, and it supplies several class libraries for accessing ADAM series product. For those who want to use the Adam.NET class library still have to write more code to make their programs run. The LogixView is based on the Adam.NET technology, and offers more components for data acquisition. Users can simply drag and drop the components into Visual Studio .NET project and change the properties of the components to make their programs run as demands. In other word, users who use the LogixView no longer need to write code line by line for the data acquisition, but concentrate on program logic and event handling. In next few sections, this document is going to introduce installation process, the LogixView DAQ (Data Acquisition) components, the graphic controls, the working theory of the components and controls, and examples for applying LogixView package for building your programs in details.