Digital Input Ouput Modbus ADAM-4055

16-ch Isolated Digital I/O Module with Modbus
  • I/O type: 8 DO/DI
  • Input Voltage level: 10~50 VDC
  • Open Collector to 40 VDC
  • Over voltage protection: 70 VDC
  • 2,500 VDC optical isolation
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The ADAM-4055 offers 8-ch. isolated digital inputs and 8-ch. isolated digital outputs for critical applications. The inputs accept 10~50 V voltage, and the outputs supply 5~40 VDC open collector. Considered to be user-friendly. The ADAM-4055 is also built with LED indicator for easy status reading.

ADAM-4055 adalah digital i/o modul dengan 8 channel digital input isolated dan 8 channel output digital terisolasi, tegangan inputnya sebesar 10~50 v dan suplai output 5~40Vdc open collector. Pada ADAM-4055 juga terdapat indicator LED untuk memudahkan pengguna mengetahui status dari device tersebut.


Part Number ADAM-4055-BE
Display LED Indicators Power, DIO
Power Supply Power Requirement 10~30 VDC
General Watchdog Timer System (1.6 second) & Communication
Connector 2 x plug-in terminal block (#14~28 AWG)
Temperature (Operating) -10~70 °C (14~158 °F)
Humidity 5~95 %RH
Temperature (Storage) -25~85 °C (-13~185 °F)
Interface RS-485
Isolation Protection 2,500 VDC
Communication Protocol ASCII command & Modbus/RTU
Communication Speed Serial: From 1,200 to 115.2 k
Comm. Distance Serial: 1.2 km
Data Flow Control Yes
Digital Input Channles 8
Digital Output Channels 8 Open collector to 40V, 200 mA max. load
Power Dissipation Chanel: 1 W max Total: 2.2 W (8 Channels)