Universal Perception and Instant Decision - Remote Maintenance Software
  • Remotely monitor up to 24 target devices
  • Remote control shutdown and wake up
  • Remote screen snapshot
  • Health check of CPU/memory/temperature/voltage
  • Remote screen recording
  • File transfer function to save critical data and settings
  • Windows-based authentication
  • Favorite device grouping time synchronization
  • Patent remote management for IPC
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“DiagAnywhere”, an abbreviation of “Diagnose Anywhere”, is remote maintenance software for remotely monitoring and controlling Advantech TPC, APAX, UNO and ADAM devices with Windows-based operating systems. Currently, DiagAnywhere includes the utility on the client side and the server on the target devices. The supported platforms include Windows XP, XP Embedded, Windows 7, Windows 2009, CE 5.0 and CE 6.0. This useful software can help users to achieve major remote maintenance tasks including remote monitoring and control, remote screen snapshot and recording, file upload and download. Windows-based authentication is also supported for security concerns.