12-ch High Speed Analog Input Module
  • 12 analog input channels (12-bit, 1000 sample/second per channel)
  • Supports various input types: 0 ~ 500 mV, ±10 V, 0 ~ 10 V, 0 ~ 20 mA, 4 ~20 mA
  • Each input channel can be configured with different input types and range
  • 2500 VDC optical isolation between channels and backplane bus
  • ±35 VDC over voltage protection
  • Wire burnout detection for 4~20 mA current input
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APAX-5017H is a 12-ch high speed analog input module that provides programmable input ranges on each channel. It offers a high sampling rate with up to 1000 samples a second per channel. This high performance analog input module features high density I/O with a flexible topology and hot-swappable functionality.



Analog Input Voltage Range ±0.1% or better of Full Scale
Current Input ±0.2% or better of Full Scale Range
Sampling Rates 1,000 sample/second (per channel)
Resolution 12 bits
Channels 12
Input Type V, mV, mA