4-axis Stepping/Pulse-type Servo Motor Control Module
  • High-speed 4-axis stepping/pulse-type servo motion control
  • Hand wheel and jog function
  • 2/3-axis linear interpolation function
  • 2-axis circular interpolation function
  • Continuous interpolation function
  • Programmable T/S-curve acceleration/deceleration rate
  • Up to 4 MPPS output for each axis
  • Two pulse output types: CW/CCW or Pulse/Direction
  • Up to 1 MHz encoder input for each axis
  • Two encoder pulse input types: A/B phase or Up/Down
  • Position management and software limit switch function
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Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group introduces the ADAM-5240, a 4-axis Stepping/Pulse-type Servo Motor Control Module for use with ADAM-5550 Series PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers). ADAM-5240 is is fully integrated to fulfill general purpose motion applications. Equipped with high speed 4-axis motion control module that simplifies stepping and pulse-type servo motor control, ADAM-5240 provides advanced performance.


Part Number ADAM-5240-AE
Control System supported controller ADAM-5550KW
General Connectors 100-pin SCSI-II
Wiring Board ADAM-3952, ADAM-3952J2S
Storage Channel
USB Channel