8-channel High-speed Analog Input Module
  • Effective resolution: 12-bit plus sign bit
  • Input type: mV, V, mA
  • 3000VDC Isolation voltage protection
  • High sampling rate:ADAM-5000/485&5000E: 100 samples/sec, ADAM-5510 & ADAM-5511: 8000 samples/sec max
  • 1000 Hz bandwidth
  • Distinct range settings allowed on each channel
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% or better
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The ADAM-5017H is a 12-bit plus sign bit, 8-channel analog differential input module that provides programmable input ranges on each channel. It accepts millivolt inputs (± 500 mV, 0-500 mV), voltage


Part Number ADAM-5017H-BE
Analog Input Current Input ±20 mA
Direct Sensor Input
Input Channels 8
Resolution 16 bits
Sampling Rate 10
Voltage Input ±150 mV
±500 mV
±1 V
±5 V
±10 V
Analog Output Resolution
Digital I/O Digital Input Channel
Digital Ouput Channel
Protection Isolation 3000 VDC