Robust RS-422/485 Repeater
  • Wide Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 85° C
  • Automatic RS-485 data flow control
  • 3000 VDC isolation protection
  • Surge protection RS-485 data line
  • Transmission speed up to 115.2 Kbps
  • Networking up to 1200 meters (4000 feet)
  • Reserved space for termination resistors
  • Power and data flow indicator for troubleshooting
  • Power requirement: +10 to +30 VDC w/power reversal protection
  • Mounts easily on a DIN-rail, panel or piggyback
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The ADAM-4510I (RS-422/485 repeater) is designed more rugged than previous models which have wider operating and storage temperatures, can accept a wider power input, and have excellent anti-noise design. Moreover, it provides signal isolation (3,000VDC) protection and power surge (50V) protection. These industrial-grade features ensure robust and reliable operation in harsh environment applications.

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Part Number ADAM-4510I-AE
Display LED Indicators Status, Comm
Power Supply Power Requirement 10~48 VDC
General Temperature (Operating) -40~85°C (40~185 °F)
Humidity 5~95 %RH
Temperature (Storage) -40~85°C (40~185 °F)
Interface RS-422 RS-485
Isolation Protection 3,000 VDC
Communication Speed Serial: From 1,200 to 115.2 k
Comm. Distance Serial: 1.2 km
Data Flow Control Yes
Connector RS-422/485: plug-in screw terminal