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Industrial Mobile Computers

Advantech industrial mobile computing solutions applied in mobile resource management, such as fleet management, warehouse management system (WMS), mobile worker management, asset management and mobile surveillance. The mobile computing products including mobile data terminal(MDT) and vehicle mounted computer are with rugged design, certified power systems, x86 and RISC-based architectures, making them more sustainable. Advantech also develops various products, featuring a full suite of RF protocols, standardized vehicle diagnostic tools, rich I/O connectors, vibration and shock resistance, and comprehensive software developer kits to facilitate application development, all speeding up time-to market for system integrators to meet diverse industrial requirements.

Industrial Mobile Computers Categories

Fleet Management Solution

Gambar Fleet Management Solution

Advantech in-vehicle computing box satisfy all the carrier’s requirements. With its rugged aluminum enclosure, the system is tolerant to vibration, dust water, and supports a wide operating temperature, making it ideal for extreme in-vehicle environment. The DC power is designed to handle power on/off delay functions allow voltage stabilization when starting the engine. Equipped with flexible communication technology, such as IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, GPS and LTE enabling real-time data transmission.

Product of Industrial Mobile Computers

Model Number


7″ Mobile Data Terminal with Intel Atom Z510PT/Z520PT

Wireless Cold Chain Temperature / Humidity Sensor

Multifunctional Driver Behavior Recognition Module

Front Collision Avoidance ADAS Module

Compact RISC-Based In-Vehicle Computing Box for Logistics and Fleet Management

8″ All-in-One Light-Duty Mobile Data Terminal

7″ All-in-One Ultra Rugged Mobile Data Terminal

7″ RISC All-in-One Compact Light duty Mobile Data Terminal

Ultra Compact In-Vehicle Computing Box for Fleet Managment

Compact In-vehicle Computing Box for Fleet Management

10″ In-Vehicle Smart Display

7″ In-Vehicle Smart Display

Compact In-vehicle Computing Box for Surveillance & Fleet Management