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Industrial Isa Cards

With multiple terminal modules and software support, Advantech's Industrial ISA cards provides high-speed, high quality yet cost saving products for industrial requirements with multifunction, analog IO, isolated and non-isolated IO and counter, Advantech plug-in IO solutions meet all your requirements in most general purpose applications. Both positioning control and velocity control are supported.

Industrial Isa Cards Categories

Analog Input

Gambar Analog Input

Advantech provides an isolated high sampling rate analog input card for your data acquisition (DAQ) requirement, especially for Voltage Measurement. It provides 32 analog input channels with a sampling rate up to 30 MS/s, with an emphasis on continuous, non-stop, high-speed, streaming data of A/D samples to host memory.

Analog Output

Gambar Analog Output

Advantech’s isolated high-density multiple channel analog output cards for the PCI bus. These data acquisition (DAQ) cards provide ideal solution for industrial applications where multiple analog output channels are required. They feature optional voltages, current output and board ID.


Gambar Counter

As one of Advantech’s data acquisition (DAQ) products, the powerful counter cards can fulfill industrial or laboratory applications. We provide general purpose multiple channel counter/timer cards and counter add-on cards for PCI bus. Its flexible interrupt sources are suitable for motor control and position monitoring.

Isolated Digital I/o

Gambar Isolated Digital I/o

Advantech has dedicated the past 20 years to Isolated Digital I/O card development. With accumulated experience and leading technology, Advantech now has a broader range of products in PCI-bus, ISA-bus, PC/104, and CPCI platforms.


Gambar Multifunction

Advantech provides a series of high sampling rate multifunction isa cards for your data acquisition (DAQ) requirement, especially for Voltage Measurement. Their advanced circuit design provides higher quality and more functions, including the five most desired measurement and control functions: A/D conversion, D/A conversion, digital input, digital output, and counter/timer.

Non-isolated Digital I/o

Gambar Non-isolated Digital I/o

As one of Advantech’s data acquisition (DAQ) products, our PCI-bus Non-Isolated Digital IO cards possess high-reliability industrial features. These Non-Isolated Digital IO cards are applied for: Relay and switch monitoring and controlling, parallel data transfer, TTL, DTL and CMOS logic signal sensing, Indicator LED driving. These functions allow users to run all I/O functions simultaneously at full speed without losing data.

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