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Advantech has several certified products for the railway automation or power & energy automation, such as IEEE 1613 controllers, EN50155 switches and IEC 61850 substation controllers. All these certified solutions are for the transportation or power & energy industries. The certified products are verified by individual third party organizations to help your system work more reliably in substation automation applications. EN50155 certified solutions, including EN50155 switches, are designed for passenger information system, the IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certified solutions, such as IEC 61850 substation controller and IEEE 1613 controller, are suitable for substation automation and wind power grid automation, the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certified solutions which are integrated with ECDIS, are ideal for navigation applications. The certified solutions Advantech offers means engineers can create reliable and safe working environments.

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Gambar En50155

EN50155 switch are train switch solutions with EN50155 certification, which are designed for train switch, passenger information systems, IP surveillance, and seatback entertainment systems. The EKI-6558TI and EKI-6559TMI are EN50155 switches which are IP67 certified wide temperature range industrial switches, designed for railways, industry, and harsh environments. The EKI-6528TI and EKI-6528TPI are EN50155 certified industrial switches with IP40 protection. The EKI-6528TPI is an unmanaged PoE Switch with a wide operating temperature range, which is protected against dusty environments and is a good fit for many industrial applications. The EN50155 certified solutions for railway rolling stock applications guarantees reliable performance to withstand severe shock and vibration in moving trains and railway automation application.

Iec 61850-3/ Ieee 1613

Gambar Iec 61850-3/ Ieee 1613

IEC 61850 substation controllers and IEEE 1613 controllers are suitable for substation automation, T&D automation, and grid integration markets. The UNO-4600 series are compliant with IEC-61850-3 for power substation automation and suitable for harsh environment applications. The EKI-4654R is a managed redundant industrial Ethernet switch which has been also designed to be compliant with IEC61850-3 and IEEE 1613 for substation automation. This industrial Ethernet switch has long range voltage redundancy power input and provides convenient and uninterrupted power supply. The IEC 61850 substation controllers and IEEE 1613 controllers are all certified solutions which guarantee reliable performance in power substation applications.

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Intel® Atom™ Automation Computers with 6 x LAN, 2 x COM and 3 x Expansion Slots

EN50155 8-port M12 Unmanaged PoE Switch with Wide Temperature

EN50155 8-port M12 Unmanaged Switch with Wide Temperature

EN50155 IP67 8-port M12 + 2-port Fiber Optic Managed Ethernet Switch with Wide Temperature

EN50155 IP67 8-port M12 Managed Ethernet Switch with Wide Temperature