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2u Server Chassis

Advantech provides a variety of Server-grade IPC including 2U Server Chassis. Advantech Industrial 2U server chassis supports multiple configurations including Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and is equipped with SATA hard drive which can fulfill customer applications for various kinds of server systems. 2U high-density server chassis is compatible with different form factors, has a redundant power supply design, hot-swap SATA/SAS hard drives, and cooling fans that deliver 24/7 non-stop operation to your industrial server.

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2U Rackmount Chassis for ATX Motherboard with 4 Hot-Swap SAS/SATA HDD Trays and RPS

2U Rackmount Chassis for EATX Serverboard with 8 Hot-swap Hard Drive Cages

2U Rackmount Chassis for MircoATX/ATX Server Board with 8 Hot-swap Drive Bays, 7 Low Profile Expansion Slots