Advantech Launches WISE-4000 Series of Wireless Sensor Nodes Aimed at Wide-Area Remote Data Acquisition

Advantech Launches WISE-4000 Series of Wireless Sensor Nodes Aimed at Wide-Area Remote Data Acquisition

Advantech, a leading industrial computing platform provider, is pleased to announce its WISE-4000 product family of wireless sensor nodes. By leveraging Wi-Fi, mobile network, and LoRa low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology, Advantech has developed three types of wireless sensor nodes, specifically, sensor-integrated nodes (WISE-4200 series), high-performance IP65-rated nodes (WISE-4400 series), and solar-rechargeable nodes (WISE-4600 series). These wireless sensor nodes are equipped with data collection, wireless transmission, and power supply features aimed at industrial and outdoor applications.

With its provision of compact, easy-to-integrate wireless sensor nodes for factories, data centers, CNC machining, food processing facilities, agricultural irrigation equipment, and renewable energy applications, Advantech hopes to accelerate the development and implementation of the IoT. The Advantech Industrial IoT Group plans to launch its diverse range of WISE-4000 wireless sensor nodes throughout the year, beginning with the WISE-4200 series in June.

WISE-4200 Series – Sensor-Integrated Nodes for Environmental Monitoring

The WISE-4200 series comprises sensor-integrated wireless sensor nodes that offer diverse configuration options, such as an embedded temperature and humidity sensor or digital input integrated with an RS-485 I/O interface. Users can easily collect required data via a single node without additional development or assembly. WISE-4200 nodes are suitable for environmental monitoring and management applications in factories, pipelines, data centers, and cold chain warehouses.

WISE-4400 Series –IP65-Rated Nodes for Harsh Industrial Environments

The WISE-4400 series nodes are IP65 rated for protection from dust, oil, and water ingress, making them suitable for operation in harsh industrial environments. The first of these nodes is the WISE-4470 model, which is equipped with 3G mobile network technology for data transmissions and features a built-in antenna that offers enhanced connectivity for more flexible installation. Moreover, the provision of IP65-rated protection from dust, oil, and water, ensures stable data collection and transmission operations for food and beverage production lines that require frequent cleaning, or CNC processing plants with high oil and dust accumulation.

WISE-4600 Series – Solar-Rechargeable Nodes for Wide-Area Outdoor Applications

The WISE-4600 series wireless sensor nodes are solar-powered and designed for wide-area outdoor applications. The first model, WISE-4610, supports LoRa networks and offers low power consumption and long-distance data transmissions, as well as optional GPS capabilities for locating and tracking functions. This allows users to determine the module location when deploying data collection nodes over wide areas. In addition to a rechargeable solar battery, the WISE-4600 nodes support a wide input power voltage of 10 ~ 50 V, ensuring sustainable operation for outdoor applications.

Additionally, the WISE-4200, WISE-4400, and WISE-4600 series nodes support both of the most widely used communication protocols – MQTT and REST – ensuring easily integration with upper-level management systems and cloud platforms. Because additional devices are not required to serve as a data gateway, users can save on hardware costs and benefit from simplified IoT application architecture.

As a leading provider of IoT solutions, Advantech continues to develop a wide range of wireless sensing devices for various application fields in order to offer customers the most appropriate technology to complete their IoT application system.

Advantech’s WISE-4000 series of IoT wireless sensor nodes will be available for order throughout 2017. For more information about this or other Advantech products and services, please contact your local sales representative or visit the Advantech website at