Advantech Launches Dual-port EtherCAT Motion Control PCI Master Card

Advantech Launches Dual-port EtherCAT Motion Control PCI Master Card

Advantech (2395.TW), a leading global provider of intelligent systems and platform solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its high-end, 32-axis EtherCAT motion and I/O master card. The PCI-1203 is a PC-based, two-port EtherCAT PCI card with extra-quick cycle times. For the EtherCAT motion port it’s a fast 500 μs for up to 32 servo axes, and cycle time for the EtherCAT fast I/O port is even faster—a blazing 200μs.

The PCI-1203 delivers guaranteed performance with no packet loss, independent of computing platform. Users can take advantage of the “Common Motion API” architecture, which is a unified user programming interface and graphical utility focused on motion control. For real-time performance, the PCI-1203 also provides the Advantech Real-time Enhanced Script (ARES) tool, which allows the user to load control logic into the PCI-1203 ARM space; this reduces PC CPU load, and bypasses all OS delay effects.

Fast Time-to-Market

The easy-to-use Advantech motion SDK makes for rapid application development. With PCI-1203, there is no need to be familiar with any complicated EtherCAT protocol. And slave devices can be connected directly, without using ESI files; this Plug and Play functionality further reduces development time.

Deterministic Control

The user can add customized control logic algorithms to the real-time kernel and can fully leverage powerful, “embedded-only” features for real-time applications by using the ARES tool, mentioned above.
1. On-the-fly trajectory planning and conditional logic control
2. Consistent timing behavior; solid predictability
3. Robust and reliable Ethernet-based motion control, independent of computing platform

SoftMotion Engine w/ Vertical Functionality API

The supplied software tools let you expand and tweak functions to serve all kinds of industrial applications. Drive innovation by focusing on a vertical market to solve machine maker’s pain points.

Target Markets / Applications

This precision synchronized EtherCAT solution targets high-axis and big data I/O applications.

Machine Automation

  • High-speed pick and place sorter
  • Wire bonding, die bonding machines
  • Semiconductor: IC testing or semiconductor packing machine
  • Machinery: tube bending, F&B processing and packaging

Software Support

  • Programming: VC/VB/VB.NET/C#/BCB/LabVIEW
  • Software Suite: Webaccess/MotionS
  • OS: Windows x86/x64

Accessories & Options

  • AMAX-3285IO: EtherCAT pulse motion slave w/ 16DI & 16DO
  • AMAX-4830: EtherCAT I/O slave (16DI/16DO)
  • AMAX-4833: EtherCAT I/O slave (32DI)
  • AMAX-4834: EtherCAT I/O slave (32DO)

High Precision

  • Motion master cycle time: 500 μs for 6/10/16/32 axes
  • I/O master cycle time: 200 μs

Real Time

  • Embedded RTOS for real-time motion control
  • User-friendly basic script for stored procedures

Ease of Use

  • Unified API for rapid development
  • SoftMotion Engine for vertical applications


  • Supports versatile EtherCAT servo/stepping motors
  • Pulse train control via EtherCAT motion module
  • Automatic, PnP connection of EtherCAT slaves throughout the network