80 MB/s, 32-ch Digital I/O PCI Card
  • Bus-mastering DMA data transfer with scatter gather technology
  • 32/16/8-bit pattern I/O with trigger, 2 modes Handshaking I/O interrupt handling capability
  • Onboard active terminators for high speed and long distance transfer
  • Pattern match and Change state detection interrupt function
  • General-purpose 8-ch DI/O
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The PCI-1755 supports PCI-bus mastering DMA for high-speed data transfer. By setting aside a block of memory in the PC, the PCI-1755 performs bus-mastering data transfers without CPU intervention, setting the CPU free to perform other more urgent tasks such as data analysis and graphic manipulation. The function allows users to run all I/O unctions simultaneously at full speed without losing data.


Part NumberPCI-1755-A
Isolated DI/OInput Channels
Input Range
Output Channels
Output Range
Time Base10 MHz
TTL DI/OInput Channels32
Output Channels32
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