Advantech Launches IEC-61850-3 Certified Ethernet Switches for Substations

Advantech Launches IEC-61850-3 Certified Ethernet Switches for Substations

Advantech’s iConnectivity Group (ICG)are pleased to announce the launch of their IEC-61850-3 certified EKI-9228 Series Ethernet Switches allowing for the integration of existing substation devices into new networked infrastructures, linking primary and secondary devices for data acquisition, device control, and event recording into a completely automated network solution.

IEC 61850-3 compliant substations are founded on networks divided into three logical layers called the station level, bay level, and the process level. IEC-61850-3 certified EKI-9228G series Ethernet Switches allow users to implement the Ethernet solutions into station level, bay level and process level power substation applications. EKI-9228G contains a 16-port RJ-45, 8-port combo, and a 4-port SFP, and it can provide a maximum of 28 LAN ports and 12 fiber ports for users to deploy one unit that links to many devices. EKI-9228G series Ethernet Switches contain 28 ports supporting 10/100/1000 Mbps designed for future proofing equipment and devices needing higher spec requirements.

Advantech IEC61850-3 certified EKI-9228 Series Ethernet Switches are designed for power substation automation applications and meet high requirements with EMC level 4 on two models in the EKI-9228G series. Among this series, EKI-9228G-8CMI uses AC/DC for the control room in power stations while EKI-9228G-8COI is designed with 48VDC for field side applications in power substation automation applications. Thanks to their -40 ~ 85°C wide operating temperatures they can operate reliably in extremely harsh environments. Designed with a full Gigabit 16-port RJ-45, 8-port combo, and 4-port SFP, it provides abundant and flexible connection. EKI-9228G series contain dual power inputs to ensure system stability and two relay outputs for greater user flexibility.

The EKI-9228G series IEC61850-3 certified Ethernet Switches are available now.For more information about the EKI-9228G series please contact your local Advantech sales representative or visit

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